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Kensington Place

Holland MI View Map



Kensington Place (formerly Homestead Village) is located on approximately 100 acres of land that has been annexed by the City of Holland, Michigan.  This project represents years of collaboration between the city, the developer, the citizens of Holland  and Nederveld in an attempt to create a walkable, traditional community based on Clarence Perry’s neighborhood model, as defined by a quarter mile walk.  Kensington Place has a variety of residential typologies ranging from apartments to townhouses to single family lots, with the lots ranging in size from 38 to 60 feet wide.  It also has mixed-use retail buildings in its town center, which connects to the rest of the neighborhood with a variety of street types.  A large central park is defined by single and two-family homes and provides for a central gathering place for residents.  The neighborhood is connected to an existing city park that provides soccer fields and other active uses to citizens of Kensington Place. 

The architecture of Kensington Place will provide many options for different types of residential living.  A variety of lot sizes will allow for a variety of home sizes in both scale and price.  These options will allow for a diverse mix of residents with varying levels of economic backgrounds.


100 Acres
Mixed Use

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