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3000 Coolidge Road East Lansing MI View Map


MAYOTTEgroup Architects

The American Board of Emergency Medicine building reflects the "Prairie Style" of architecture indigenous to the Midwest United States. Nestled in a site which remains largely wooded and undisturbed, the one-story building provides a serene working environment for the employees of the American Board of Emergency Medicine -- an organization which tests and certifies emergency medicine physicians throughout the nation. With its custom detailing of masonry and wood, the award-winning design has been featured in Place and Construction Association of Michigan magazines. The main circulation element of the building is the curvilinear corridor which became known to the project team as the "street" -- an architectural element which unifies the various functional aspects and departments of the Board.


Due to the Owner’s growth and changing needs, renovations have been made to the facility to accommodate the the needs of ABEM. The renovations have been done to match the intent of the original design.


12,000 sf

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