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W Hollywood Hotel and Residences

Award Description

Located at the corner of Hollywood and Vine on the world-famous Walk of Fame, the W Hotel & Residences is the epicenter of the new Hollywood renaissance. The mixed-use project includes a 12-story luxury hotel with 305 rooms, a 16-story residential tower with 143 high-end condominium units, and 3 levels of subterranean parking.

The glittering property features the Drai's Hollywood nightclub located at the roof top pool terrace. Other amenities include a Bliss Spa, the Delphine Eatery & Bar, and access to the MTA Red Line. The hotel and condo portions of the project are joined with a soaring 11th-story sky bridge bringing the amenities of the hotel to residence owners. The project incorporates a historical façade on Vine Street, near the former site of the Brown Derby restaurant.

Sustainable features include:

Stormwater Design - Using Best Management Practices, 90% of the average annual rainfall will be captured and treated.
Water Efficiency - 50% of the potable water consumption for landscape irrigation will be reduced by selecting drought tolerant plantings and using high efficiency irrigation fixtures. Building potable water consumption will be reduced by 40%.
Energy Efficiency - The energy consumption of the building will be reduced by 21% from baseline. The building's total energy use will be supplemented through solar photovoltaic cells installed on the roof. 35% of the building's electricity will be from renewable sources for a minimum of two-years. Materials & Resources - 75% of the construction and demolition debris will be recycled or salvaged.
Low-Emitting Materials - All adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, composite wood, and agrifiber products will have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) to increase the quality of indoor air.
Innovation - Water Heating - The rooftop will be used for a solar water heating system to heat the pool and to pre-heat domestic water. Green Housekeeping - A comprehensive 'green' cleaning/housekeeping program will be employed.

Project achieved multiple LEED accreditations including, but not limited to:

Project was completely formed and shored by Pro-Shore materials which, being made of steel, dramatically reduces the need for lumber and plywood for forming and shoring operations. This greatly reduced waste and limits the overall carbon foot print by the affect of continuously reusing forming/shoring materials.

Construction Waste Management: Concrete portion was instrumental in achieving LEED Credit 2.1 – 2.2 in that the majority of concrete and rebar waste was directed from landfills and recycled to achieve an overall recycle rating of 87.6%.

Innovations & Design – Exemplary Performance for MRc4: Concrete was instrumental in achieving MRc4 in that total building material content was 22.74% recycled, exceeding the 15% threshold required to achieve minimal LEED standards.

Innovations & Design – Exemplary Performance for MRc5.2: The project achieved 24.7% of the total building value (100% of locally manufactured materials) were manufactured using materials that were harvested, extracted, or recovered within 500 miles of the project site. All regional materials were mixes of concrete supplied by Catalina Pacific which exceeded the 20% threshold required for the additional Innovation & Design LEED point.

Thermal Comfort, permanent Monitoring Systems - Concrete design was instrumental in providing enough thermal mass within the building to achieve LEED Credit 7.2.

Project Participants

Owner - HEI/GC Hollywood & Vine LLC, Dallas, TX
Architect/Designer - HKS Architect, Beverly Hills, CA
Structural Engineer - DCI Engineers, Bellevue, WA
General Contractor - Webcor Construction LP, San Mateo, CA
Concrete Contractor - Webcor Concrete Group, Anaheim, CA
Concrete Producer - Catalina Pacific Concrete, Los Angeles, CA
Masonry Contractor - Masonry Concepts Inc., Santa Fe Springs, CA
Landscape Architect - Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Los Angeles, CA

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