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Begent Residence

Award Description

Due to the extreme conditions created by living 500 feet from the ocean, owner/builder David Begent had durability and sustainability in the forefront of his mind when designing his Del Mar, California beach house. The home is situated 10 ft. above sea level, and has significant prevailing winds. In addition, salt-water corrosion (which deteriorates many materials in beach areas) was a major concern. As David and his wife Molly were headed into retirement, they wanted to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Concrete has always been a favorite building material of David Begent’s. He has been intrigued with the artistic and creative aspects, along with the structural characteristics for a number of years. His twenty-plus years as a general contractor in the San Diego area and use of concrete in his own home, business office and many other client projects is testimony to his belief in the durability of concrete from its structural to decorative forms.

In order to combine the functional needs of his new home with his design ideas, David Begent consulted with Tri-Co Floors, the installation contractor and Artflor®, Inc. the precast concrete manufacturer. While it was critical to him to use durable “green” products, he also desired to promote environmental consciousness in the process. David, and Molly wanted to send a message to beach-goers passing their home to “respect the beach” and think about things such as the negative impact of littering. Artflor®, Inc. engineered a process to produce smooth lettering on 1 ⅟2” pavers with a light exposed sand texture for extra slip resistance. Tri-Co Floors worked with David to figure out an installation system incorporating synthetic grass grout lines. The “grass grout” with a drainage system was also used with 20” Artflor® exterior tile (3/4” thick) in the backyard. This was also incorporated with Artflor® TC monolithic trowel on concrete coating in the backyard as an accent butting up to the 20” tile (see photos).

Tri-Co and Artflor® also worked with David on site to create the integrally colored monolithic concrete topping (custom color used in the above accent also) , which was installed on the exterior front walkway and stairs, front entry of the house and hallway leading through the kitchen and dining room, and on outwards to the exterior back patio. The leading line of the concrete from exterior to interior, and back from interior to exterior was intentionally designed by David to promote the open indoor/outdoor southern California living his family desires.

Details of amount of concrete used:

159 sq. ft. of 1 ½” thick Artflor® Lightweight Concrete Countertops with Seashell Inlays. Countertops contain approximately 30% post-consumer recycled content

1,400 sq. ft. of Artflor® Monolithic 1/8” Architectural Concrete Custom colored integral topping (trowel applied)

765 sq. ft. of 20”x 20” Artflor® Lightweight Concrete Pavers. All exterior pavers have an etched texture for added slip resistance, some with and some without glass inlays. Includes 30 pavers with lettering of “Respect The Beach”, “Don’t Litter” and “Think Peace” (10 of each saying). Pavers contain approximately 30% post-consumer recycled content with additional pre-consumer recycled content. Numerous Concrete Planter Boxes, walkways etc.

Project Participants
Owner - David & Molly Begent, Del Mar, CA
Architect/Designer - David Begent, Del Mar, CA
Architect/Designer - Bokel Sneed Architects, Del Mar, CA
Structural Engineer - Burkett Wong Engineers, San Diego, CA
Concrete Contractor - Tri-Co Floors, El Cajon, CA
Concrete Producer - Artflor Inc, El Cajon, CA

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