Bronson Methodist Hospital - Master Facility


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CSM Group has been heavily involved in the researching, planning, and budgeting of this $181 million, 760,000-square-foot Master Facility Plan since its inception in 1993.

Phase I included the construction of a five-level, 700-vehicle parking structure with dimensions to align with a new, connecting, 223,000-square-foot medical office pavilion and 183,000-square-foot ambulatory care center with a consolidated diagnostic and treatment facility for outpatient care.

Phase II featured a 340,000-square-foot inpatient pavilion with 286 beds in private rooms with family accommodations.

Phase III includes the renovation of the hospital's North Campus, with several buildings being reconfigured for administrative and educational functions, along with the removal of 590,000 square feet of outdated buildings.

During the very early stages of this multi-phase project, hospital officials were thinking only in terms of renovation to existing structures. But as CSM Group began to learn the full extent of renovations being considered, staff experts could see instances where new construction and/or expansion made more sense.

After numerous visits to the site, much analysis, many back-and-forth discussions, and several detailed value-engineering studies, it became more apparent that not only was new construction/expansion often more practical in terms of project coordination, scheduling, and safety, it would also be more cost-effective. And in the end, hospital officials would have an attractive, new, state-of-the-art facility to showcase.

CSM Group's expertise allowed for considering these issues on a case-by-case basis. For example, studies showed that the hospital's 12,400-square-foot Emergency Room could be renovated in a cost-efficient manner. This included changes to the triage area and waiting room and the addition of an observation area. Phased construction, strict control over construction activities, close coordination with the State Office of Fire Safety and Building Construction, and tight adherence to ICRA guidelines allowed continuous use of the existing emergency room while maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

$181 Million

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