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Clarian Health Partners in Indianapolis has worked with Sensory Technologies to create a network of nine acute general hospitals across the state of Indiana.  Their services link patients from many regions, including Evansville, Bedford, Terre Haute, South Bend and Fort Wayne.

Patients visit a clinic in their local community and have a live "tele-appointment" with a specialist in Indianapolis from Clarian -- Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Hospital or Riley Hospital for Children.  "Real time" patient diagnostic information is shared with the help of digital clinical devices such as a digital stethoscope. 

Patients participating in Clarian Telemedicine experience the same level of service they would receive during an in-person visit to their physician. The telecommunication lines used to transmit the video and audio signals also transmit clinical files  -- EEGs, X-rays and echocardiograms -- so that the physician specialist has all the necessary and appropriate clinical information for each patient.

Telemedicine carts can be moved to different clinical areas to accommodate different providers without requiring each to have a dedicated unit. A live data jack is the only technical requirement for a telemedicine location.

Telemedicine not only connects patients to providers, but it also connects providers to providers. Clinical professionals at partner sites can complete their continuing medical education requirements, using the same video unit, to virtually attend clinical educational events from Clarian Health Partners and Indiana University School of Medicine.


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