Indiana University Research III



The seven-story, 254,000 square foot, $83.3 million facility will house a 213-seat auditorium, a symposium center and more than 119 laboratories. Once completed, the new structure will be the final component of a three-building, 500,000 square foot interconnected Research complex. The project is scheduled to be completed in December of 2008. ERMCO's work on the project includes installing large feeder conduits and the electrical components, telecom install, and installation of three massive 13.8 KV Substations.
One element that has helped keep this job on track is the extensive use of ERMCO's Construction Services Group, with Kenny Edwards not only serving as the Director of Construction Service but also the Project Manager of the job. The purpose of this group is to assist the Project Managers with project start-up, execution and close-out of jobs. Construction Services has a pool of labor that is highly skilled in several support functions such as CAD, re-engineering, identification of pre-fab opportunities, coordination with other trades, scheduling and claims preparation. The use of Construction Services also brings procedural consistency to each project.    

Deco Associates

Deco Associates supplied the casework and flexible frame systems for the entire seven-story laboratory research building.  Highlights include:

• Adjustable rail mounted cabinetry

• Modular lab frame system

• Stainless steel life sciences research benches

• Large scale bio-science workspaces

254,000 SF
Indianapolis IN
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