South Haven Community Hospital - Mobile MRI Dock Addition


Cox Medendorp Olson Architects

A hospital addition to be located at the site of an existing mobile MRI trailer dock required a careful study for the dock relocation. The new dock greatly improves patient care by providing both a new interior corridor link to the hospital, and matching existing hospital floor level with trailer floor level. The previous connection required that patients enter into an unheated entry vestibule, and then be raised on the trailer’s lift to the floor level of the trailer. The new dock’s exterior design ties into adjacent new construction and renovation projects, minimizing its visual impact when the trailer is not on site.

This project includes renovation to an existing library conference room to add a new corridor; staging and seating area for the Mobile MRI; new reinforced concrete MRI trailer pad; regrading of existing driveways; new electrical and telephone connections for the MRI trailer.

955 S Bailey Ave South Haven MI 49090
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