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Byce & Associates, Inc.

Program:  Byce & Associates, Inc. provided mechanical commissioning services for Borgess Medical Center's new Stryker Center which features a cardiac diagnostics unit, same day surgery,  radiology and neurosciences.  Byce & Associates, Inc. scheduled and coordinated commissioning activities; provided design reviews; developed and managed pre-functional checklists; developed and implemented functional and sequence of operation tests; verified test and balance work; and documented all deficiencies discovered while commissioning.  Byce & Associates, Inc. managed the issues log and helped facilitate maintenance and training.

In addition, Byce & Associates, Inc. was also able to offer supplemental services as a mechanical  engineering consultant in order to resolve design issues the commissioning team was faced with. 

Challenges:  Due to the tight construction schedule most of the performance testing took place after owner occupancy.  Byce & Associates, Inc. worked closely with the owner's maintenance staff to ensure minimal occupant disturbance.  Due to the large scale of the job and the tight construction schedule the issues log had nearly 700 individual entries, to handle this volume of issues took diligence and perseverance

Commissioning Benefits: The benefits from commissioning the Stryker Center included resolution of issues dealing with installation, engineering design, equipment design, and operation.  In the commissioning report, twenty eight(28) major issues were identified as being resolved.  Some of these issues applied to multiple systems and others were specific to a particular system. Issues were grouped into five categories: nine (9) major issues were grouped as Controllability; nine (9) were System Capacity; three (3) were Sequence of Operation; two (2) were Test and Balance; and five (5) were Maintenance and Operation.  A detailed summary of the issues, resolution and benefits is available upon request.  Benefits included: reduced in energy usage, increased occupant comfort, stable mechanical system performance, improved building pressurization, extended equipment lifespan, increased system capacities, improved system maintenance, increased owner understanding of mechanical systems.

Scope of Commissioning Services:   All HVAC systems were commissioned including: chilled  water system; heating and re-heat water systems; steam heating systems; steam humidification system;  supply air systems; return air systems; exhaust air systems; DX refrigeration systems and HVAC building automation system.


$58 Million
1521 Gull Rd Kalamazoo MI 49048
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