AvTech LaboratoriesBuilding Addition with Connector Employee Entrance


Byce & Associates, Inc.

Design Program:  AvTech Laboratories, a Contract Research company, provides the  pharmaceutical  industry with numerous services, including Research & Development, Discovery  Support,  Immunoassay and Biomarker services, Bio-analytical services, Product Testing, and Method Development. In  order to meet industry demands for expanded services, AvTech Laboratories contracted Byce & Associates, Inc. to provide architectural and engineering design services for a 20,956 square foot addition to their existing facility. The building addition provides laboratory facilities for the expansion of current research, new research projects, a 50 person training room, offices, conference areas, and a Bio-safety Level 3 research laboratory.

Design Challenges: The challenge of continuity, typical when new construction is being attached to an existing building, was effectively overcome through the use of similar architectural features, complementary materials, and a new primary entry which functions both as a connecting  architectural  feature and as a physical tie between the two buildings.  The greatest challenge faced by the design team, driven by constantly changing industry demands, was to provide the most  flexibility possible in building usage, within a reasonable construction cost budget.  The design of mechanical and electrical systems  demanded a thorough understanding of the needs of current  research facilities as well as  future trends and potential needs. 


Medical Clinics & Laboratory
$ 2.3 Million
6859 Quality Way Portage MI 49002
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