Bagley Pedestrian Bridge

Detroit, Michigan

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Design Development Construction - Summer 2005 The re-unification of a community severed by a chasm of highways demands a connection that heals the wound within the landscape and offers a vision towards a unified whole. Analysis of the site and constituent parts reveals the necessity of the bridge to remove itself from the context of the site in order to retain the existing service drives. The introduction of a pedestrian bridge, which is segregated from the parts it adjoins, further exacerbates the very condition it seeks to reconcile, becoming a visual manifestation of the problem itself. In order to strengthen the cohesion of a community across the permanent rift, it is essential to provide continuity in circulation and visual coherence as an extension of the urban fabric. The perpetuation of vehicular traffic evident at the service drives current location disrupts the possibility of achieving continuity, therefore merits reevaluation. This proposal endeavors to strengthen a cultural identity and re-establish a strong sense of communal unity within a larger urban context.

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