King's Theatre

1025 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn NY 11226 View Map

Photo for King's Theatre Photo for King's Theatre


This facility is one of the most beautiful theatres in the United States and was originally designed by the architectural masters, Rapp and Rapp.  It is located a once thriving shopping district of Brooklyn along Flatbush Avenue and is potentially one of the major components in this district's pending renaissance.  

The goal of balancing preservation concerns with the creation of a state-of-the-art performance facility is one of the most challenging aspects of this project. It is the ultimate goal for this landmark theatre to become, once again, an important part of the area's cultural life and activity, showcasing the best in live entertainment.  It is the intention of the project to meet the Secretary of the Interior's Guidelines for the Rehabilitation of Historic Structures thus qualifying the project for historic preservation investment tax credits and grants.

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