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This facility is one of the most beautiful theatres in the United States and was originally designed by the architectural masters, Rapp and Rapp.  It is located a once thriving shopping district of Brooklyn along Flatbush Avenue and is potentially one of the major components in this district’s pending renaissance.

The essential scope of work for this landmark theatre includes renovation and rehabilitation work, with the end goal of creating a modern multi-purpose performance venue for music concerts, theatre, dance, comedy and special events.

The focus of the redevelopment project will be to restore the significant, historic Front-of-House areas to their original grandeur while integrating the equipment, technology, and support spaces necessary to transform a classic movie palace into a venue suitable for hosting today’s live productions.

The goal of balancing these preservation concerns with the creation of a modern performance facility is one of the most challenging aspects of the project.  It is the intention of the design team to meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines for the Rehabilitation of Historic Structures for all restored areas, both interior and exterior.

In the lower level of the auditorium, the materials that have deteriorated due to neglect and water penetration will be restored to their original condition.  New seating layouts based on comfort and sightlines are planned with a final seating capacity in the range of 3,200 seats. The orchestra level will be re-raked and the balcony level seating tiers over-built.  Acoustical performance considerations of the auditorium will be addressed and architectural and theatrical lighting and other aspects of theatre design will all be improved. 

The patron support facilities will be expanded to include new restrooms and new concessions areas spread throughout.

In addition to the restoration efforts the work also includes modernizing and enlarging the Stagehouse. The existing facility is under-sized for the anticipated program. The stage has limited wing space, the loading dock area is inadequate for production load-in, and the dressing room and support facilities are insufficient.  The existing brick stagehouse will be modified and a new steel structure, providing the necessary increased width and support spaces will be erected.

This addition will increase the stage and loading area while allowing the support spaces surrounding the stage to be simplified and configured for a more efficient theatre production.

This project has an anticipated completion date of 2014.

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