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Feit Residence


Single Family Housing


Owner: The Feits

Architect: Christopher Phelps and Associates

Masonry Contractor: Griffin Masonry Inc.

General Contractor: Arcadia Custom Homes

Masonry Supplier: Pinehall Brick; Holcim Mortar

The craftsmanship of the masonry work of lot 324 at The Peninsula could easily be lost in its 13,782 sq ft size, but at every turn the quality and attention to detail entices the observer's eye. Arcadia Custom Homes provided a blank canvas for Griffin Masonry to let the paints of creative vision, artistic design and quality craftsmanship flow.

Griffin Masonry used ogee brick on sills, returns, and walls to soften the edges of the house and take away the ridged feel of the brick. The owners wanted to utilize masonry as much as possible to enhance not only the integrity of their home, but the overall beauty.

Griffin Masonry also used brick to construct freestanding arches around the back of the house. The arches help support the rear terrace that overlooks Lake Norman.

What sets this house apart is the natural limestone that contrasts beautifully with the brick on the front veneer. Also lining the windows and doors of the front veneer are custom-made precast pieces that play a vital role in the home's architectural flow.

Around the back of the house, you are immediately blown away by the outdoor living area that doubles as a retaining wall, helping support the terrain of the lot as it slopes down toward the lake. The living area's focal point is a large outdoor chimney with a large surrounding sitting area. Griffin Masonry also utilized masonry in a creative way by providing a wood box under the masonry stairs leading to the outdoor living area.

The total project required more than 3,800 man hours over the course of 8 months, and consisted of more than 800,000 masonry units.