Herman Miller Atlanta National Design Center

Atlants GA View Map
Completed: 01/01/2007 (download PDF)

Herman Miller's Atlanta National Design Center (NDC) is a 15,172-square foot resource center for the design community and also serves as a regional office for the company.  It is designed to express Herman Miller's design philosophy: performance, sustainability, attention to detail and the honest use of materials.

Located in a historic 1920 factory, the project takes maximum advantage of the structure's existing finishes, open plan and abundant natural light.  Layered from front to back, visitors are welcomed in a hosting area containing reception and cafe.  A "discovery zone" of free-standing conference rooms held back from the brick perimeter walls veils the main product display, which is designed as a flexible, open workspace. 

This design center has earned the coveted LEED Gold certification in the Commercial Interiors category (LEED-CI). 

The Atlanta NDC is designed to take full advantage of natural light Sandblasted and clear glazing creates levels of privacy and connection, ensuring that light and outside views are always available.  The use of daylight and high-efficiency fixtures reduces lighting density power to 57 percent below LEED standards.  Lighting is controlled through local individual room and workstation controls, as well as daylight and occupancy sensors.  Materials are treated in direct, yet sophisticated manner, creating a dialogue between architecture and furniture. 

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