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GVSU John C. Kennedy Hall of Engineering

301 W. Fulton Street, KEN 136 Grand Rapids MI 49504 Map


25,000 SF
Date Completed:


The Kennedy Hall of Engineering building, dedicated on October 17, 2007, houses 14 electrical engineering labs, 6 classrooms, 36 facility offices, Dean’s suite and a clean room. When construction started in early 2006, major utility relocation was required. During the course of the next couple months, the bridge from the Eberhard Center to the Keller Engineering Lab took shape. The building is a 3-story steel structure clad with metal panels and curtainwall glazing.

The building has received LEED certification. To make this achievable, the building has a vegetative roof, extended building management system, rain gardens, low-flow toilets, waterless urinals and electronic faucets. The glass building allows for 75% daylight views. Other notable architectural features are the Vee columns that support two floors of occupied space, feature stair and atrium consisting of pre-cast treads and risers, and terrazzo tile throughout the first floor lobby. The complex mechanical system bridges the existing system of yesteryear. This building is currently occupied and functioning in the manner in which Progressive A/E and Pioneer Construction had intended.

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